The minor tones of Silencio

Silencio is one part of Alegria, where the tone changes to minor. This change to minor inspires some of the best Flamenco pieces.


Happy & Fun style great for Dancers

Alegria means happy which makes this a great style for dancers, with uplifting melodies & lyrics.


Deep & Mystical

Granaina is a beautiful style, sung about how beautiful the Alhambra palace is and the desire to see it again.



Taranta is my favourite style.

First sung by the miners, who would recall the great sorrow & difficulty of their work. With deeply mysterious sound and tones it’s easy to see why it’s my favourite.


Traditionally Dark & Mellow Song

Solea is sung by the Gypsies to remember the hard times they have faced. It’s sound is sorrowful and often full of misery.